Home Improvement Store Windows Versus Professional Window Replacement Company

What’s the difference?

Chances are you have realized that your old windows are shot, and that it is time to replace them. You may have done a little research but the idea of doing it yourself and going to a home improvement store is an appealing option to both you and your wallet. So what is the difference really between home improvement store windows versus a professional window replacement company?

Home Improvement Store Windows are Cheap… in Quality

So you’re ready to tackle your home improvement project yourself. A perfectly reasonable plan if you’re handy and comfortable with putting some large holes into your home. What you may not have considered is that the windows sold at Home Depot, Lowes and other big box retail stores is the poor quality of window. The windows they sell are cheap- and not in the good way. They are the cheapest models out there, which may be find if you’re looking to fix up your home to minimal conditions in order to sell. However, if this is a home you plan on living in with loved ones or family members, choosing the absolute cheapest options may not be a smart decision in the long run.


Why Are My Windows Drafty?

  • Box stores carry the cheapest models of windows out there

Home Improvement Store Windows give you very limited options

  • Poorly fitted or improperly sized windows will defeat the whole purpose of replacing your windows

When it comes to home improvement window replacements, you are generally limited to stock sizes. This is alarming as a window that is not properly fitting will cause many grievances ahead. You will get condensation, draftiness and your windows may even begin to rot after a while from the poorly fitted window. 

You will have to measure your windows and opening very carefully and with the utmost precision. Being slightly off can lead to an ill fitting window, leading to further issues.

  • “Stock” sized windows will never perfectly fit into your window and relies on precisely accurate measurements

Professional Window Replacement Companies carry top-of-the-line windows

Reputable window replacement companies carry top-of-the-line windows. These will be sold only from the window manufacturer to the window replacement company. There is no comparison when it comes to the builder grade windows at home improvement stores and the windows carried by professional replacement companies. 

  • Professional window replacement companies carry high performance windows not available to the average shopper

Professional Window Replacement Companies have access to custom sized windows

Your windows are unique to your home. They are all different sizes, shapes and depending on the year your home was built, are very different from one another. This is why professional window replacement companies carry custom sized windows designed specifically for your home. You don’t need to worry about measuring or trying to find a stock sized window to fit into your home. 

A reputable and professional window replacement company will be able to help you get the perfect windows for your home. They will fit snugly and last for years to come.

Professional Window Replacement Companies are experts in windows

Most notably, professional window replacement companies are experts in the window industry. You don’t need to worry about asking the sales person at Home Depot a multitude of questions for them to nervously admit they’re not too sure. The people at professional window replacement companies have been working on windows in homes like yours for years. They have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. A professional window replacement company will be able to give you a thorough inspection on the state of your windows and provide you with the best solution that fits your needs. 

With that being said, many people are wary of salespeople as they get a bad reputation for sleazy tactics. Check out our blog post on how to find a reputable and trusted professional window replacement company