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There are few things more important to your Muskego entry door replacement than accurate measurements.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Measure Twice, Cut Once,” when it comes to building products. Well, the same saying applies to building and installing entry doors, too. If your door isn’t accurately measured, it can be tricky to install.

When your doors aren’t properly installed, you can’t take advantage of all the benefits of your new door. You may also find yourself getting repairs or another residential door replacement sooner rather than later.

You may be wondering what the process is for measuring entry doors. The professionals at TightSeal Exteriors want to help you go into your residential door replacement with eyes wide open.

So, we have created a step-by-step guide to the entry door measurement process.

Gathering The Tools To Accurately
Measure Entry Doors

As with any other home improvement project, the first step in measuring your entry doors is gathering the right tools.

First, there is the tape measurer. Having a spare so someone else can double-check the original measurement is also nice.

Then, you need the level. This is a common tool in home improvements. There are a few levels that people can choose from, with one of the most common being a “Spirit Level.” This is the one that probably comes to mind, and it measures horizontal and vertical surfaces using a bubble inside a liquid.

Once you have your tools, make sure you find something to write down your measurements. There’s nothing worse than measuring your door to discover you haven’t created a record of the measurements.

So, find a notebook or phone for you to write everything down.

Measuring The Width Of Your Entry Doors

When you have all the tools you need and somewhere to write everything down, it’s time to begin the measurement process.

One of the first steps is to measure the width of the door, which means measuring its horizontal aspects. While this may seem as simple as measuring one part of your door, it’s important that you take into account the width at the top, middle, and bottom of your door.

Believe it or not, they aren’t always even. So, you need to ensure you measure it all. Take your tools and measure the width from both the inside and outside of your door.

If you plan on leaving your door frame intact during your residential door replacement, then you should just measure the door itself. But, if you plan on replacing the frame, make sure your measurements also include the frame.

Once you’re done with the width, write everything down and move on to the height.

Measuring The Height Of Your Front Entry Door

Similar to measuring the width of your Muskego entry door, it’s important to measure the height in more than one place. Make sure you take measurements from the middle and both sides of your door.

When taking these measurements, you don’t have to include the sweep or what is commonly known as your threshold. Measure the door itself.

Once you have taken all the measurements for your door’s height, write down the tallest one. This is the height needed for your new entry door.

Don’t Forget the Thickness Of Your Entry Doors

Once you have everything else down, you can move on to the thickness of your door. You’ve probably noticed that some doors are slimmer than others, so it’s important you know what thickness to match when you are building your new entry doors.

You can simply open the door and measure the width of the vertical side on the inner part of your door.

What Way Do Your Entry Doors Swing?

One of the most common mistakes Waukesha County homeowners make when they measure their doors is forgetting to consider the swing. Do your doors open inwardly or outwardly? Do they open on the left or right? These are both incredibly important questions.

To determine if you have a right-hand swing or a left-hand swing, open the door and stand sideways within the frame. If the door opens to your right side, it is right-handed. If it opens to your left, then it is a left-swinging door.

Turn To The Professionals For Accurate
Measurements Of Your Entry Doors

When you work with TightSeal Exteriors, we’ll complete the measurement process for you. We’ll measure with expert precision to ensure your residential door replacement goes off without a hitch.

Our team has measured and installed countless doors over the years, so we know what it takes to do it right every single time.

Are you ready to replace the entry doors in your Muskego home? Get in touch with the professionals at TightSeal Exteriors to schedule a consultation today.