Everything You Need To Know About Window Condensation

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Condensation is one thing that almost every homeowner has concerns about when it comes to Muskego window replacements.

We have all seen it—those little drops of water that slowly build up on your windows over time. Condensation can signify that it is time for a home window replacement.

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths ensures homeowners get the most out of their home’s products. That’s why we have developed this simple guide to help you learn more about condensation, what it means for your home, and how to prevent it.

What Causes Condensation To Build
On Your Existing Windows?

The first step to addressing window condensation is understanding what causes it. Window condensation happens when warm air comes in contact with the cool surface of your window pane.

There are many reasons why condensation may form on your windows. If you are cooking, showering, or running the heat in your home, you may notice droplets beginning to form on your windows.

This can be especially likely to happen if your home doesn’t have proper ventilation or windows that aren’t great at providing insulation.

Windows can begin to lose their ability to properly insulate over time. Sometimes, they may lose the proper seal required to maintain the proper airflow. Other times, you may notice that your older windows’ single-pane glass just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Either way, if you notice an increase in window condensation over the years, it may be a sign that you need a home window replacement to ensure your home is protected.

Because, believe it or not, those tiny droplets of water can cause damage if the issue is left unattended.

Why Is Condensation On Your
Home’s Window A Problem

For many homeowners, window condensation feels like a small inconvenience. It may not look flattering, but it can usually be addressed with a simple cleaning.

Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. While condensation may feel like a minor issue, it can lead to large problems if ignored for too long.

Excess moisture can cause issues with your window frame, especially if you have one made of wood. It could lead to problems like rot or decay, which may eventually call for repairs or even a home window replacement.

Additionally, condensation can begin to cause mold or mildew if it is left for too long. Mold puts a damper on your home’s overall style and can also be a health hazard for those living in your space.

These issues are why preventing condensation from building up on your windows is so important. Follow a few of these tips to ensure your windows and home stays in the best shape.

Tips To Help You Protect Your Existing
Windows From Condensation

There are a few things to help ensure your Waukesha County home is protected from condensation.

One of the first things to consider is increasing your home’s ventilation. One of the best things you can do is open your window regularly to let fresh air circulate. You may also want to consider turning on a fan in areas where moisture is prevalent—the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Another option is to install a dehumidifier in your Muskego house. This may help remove some of the humidity from your space and prevent condensation from building on your windows.

Solve Every Issue With Energy-Efficient Windows

Sometimes, you can take every step necessary to prevent condensation, but it won’t be enough. The steps you take may be all for nothing if your windows have lost their ability to insulate your home properly.

If this is the case, then the best option may be to install replacement windows in your home. Thankfully, TightSeal Exteriors offers fantastic window replacement options to our customers.

We work with you and your budget to offer good, better, and best options for your home window replacement. Our options are energy-efficient, “Wisconsin-Tough”, and custom-made to fit your home.

Are you ready to install window replacements in your Muskego home? Reach out to the professionals at TightSeal Exteriors to schedule a consultation today.