Senior-Friendly Ideas For Your Shower

Tub-To-Shower Conversion By TightSeal Exteriors & Baths In Muskego

Make Your Bathroom More Accessible With
A Muskego Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Converting Your Bathtub To A Shower Can
Supply A Safer Bathing Experience

While people may enjoy the relaxing environment that a bathtub can provide, the large step required to get into the tub can quickly become a hazard for those who are aging in place or people with limited mobility.

A Muskego tub-to-shower conversion can be the ideal solution to make your bathroom a much safer environment.

Converting your bathtub to a shower can be a wonderful way to ensure that everyone can use the bathroom without worrying about safety. It can give you peace of mind and help anyone with mobility issues quickly regain their independence.

There are a plethora of features that customers can choose from when designing their showers to make the space more accessible. Since TightSeal Exteriors & Baths wants to ensure you get the best shower that meets your needs, we want to help you understand your options.

That’s why we have developed this helpful guide of all the options available to make your new shower safe and accessible.

Install A Shower Seat During Your
Tub-To-Shower Conversion

One of the most popular features that homeowners choose to include during a tub-to-shower conversion geared toward accessibility is a shower seat.

In today’s world, shower seats can be designed to perfectly match the style of your shower and upgrade its appearance. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths can help you design a shower seat that fits into your shower and looks great.

This can be a wonderful option for people with limited mobility. You can take a seat during the shower and enjoy the time without worrying about your safety.

Shower seats have another fantastic advantage that not all homeowners may consider. Have you ever wanted a shower that felt like your very own in-home spa? A shower seat can bring that dream to fruition.

Imagine turning on the water and sitting back to enjoy a nice, relaxing steam. Not only could this help soothe aching and sore muscles, but it could also be a wonderful way to boost your mood.

Take Advantage Of Detachable Showerheads When
You Get Tub-To-Shower Conversion Services

Another phenomenal option for Muskego homeowners who are putting safety at the top of their list during a tub-to-shower conversion is a detachable showerhead.

A detachable showerhead allows you to take your shower however you see fit. You can sit on your seat and still wash your hair and the rest of your body without feeling like you are straining.

A detachable showerhead can also make getting clean easier while you stand. You can adjust it to be the perfect height and use it to reach difficult places with ease.

Consider Including A Grab Bar In Your
Tub-To-Shower Conversion’s Design

If you or someone in your Waukesha County home has mobility issues, installing a grab bar can be a great option to provide a sense of security.

A grab bar can easily be included in your shower’s design. They come in a variety of different colors to match your aesthetic.

If you are installing a grab bar in your shower, make sure you turn to a company that knows how to install it correctly. To get the most out of your grab bar, it’s important that it’s installed at the proper height and in the ideal spot in your shower.

If your grab bar is too high or too low, it may not be as useful as it should be. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths has years of experience designing and installing accessible features in our customer’s bathrooms.

We’ll ensure everything is in the ideal spot and installed with precision.

Trust The Professionals With A Stellar Reputation
For Your Tub-To-Shower Conversion

If you are considering converting your bathtub to a shower to make your bathroom more accessible, it’s important to turn to a team you can trust to get the job done right.

The safest shower is one that has been properly installed and made with high-quality materials. That’s why TightSeal Exteriors & Baths only uses the highest quality materials for our showers.

Our showers are easy to maintain and sure to last for years – so you can comfortably age in place. We’ve completed over 10,000 remodeling projects and developed a stellar reputation in the community.

When you come to us, you’ll know you’re working with a company that puts your needs first and provides exceptional results.

Are you ready to start your tub-to-shower conversion in Muskego? Reach out to the professionals at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths to schedule your consultation today.