Why Are My Windows Drafty?

Why Are My Windows Drafty?


Do you feel hot and cold air by your windows? Are your windows drafty and you don’t know why? Drafty windows are a common problem among homeowners. Not only is this an issue of letting in hot/cold air, but it also can make a huge impact on your energy bill. Drafty windows let in hot and cold air while also throwing money out the window. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths is here to help you get to the bottom of your drafty windows and get rid of them once and for all!

Common Causes of Drafty Windows

Window Seal Failure

Seal failure happens when the seal of your window breaks and the argon gas between the glass escapes. There is no protection from the outside elements making it extremely energy inefficient. Window seals can break from wear and tear over time, poorly installed windows, excessive mold build-up or even extreme temperatures and the elements if the window is not of good quality.

Poorly Installed Windows

Often times when windows are not properly installed to industry standards, drafts will be felt coming into the home. This is because the window and frame does not properly fit the opening and gaps between the window frame let in air. A professional installer will know how to perfectly fit the window into the opening, preventing air from entering into your home.

Window Caulk Cracks

Caulk goes around your window where the frame meets the building to help prevent drafts from getting into your home. Caulk acts as an obstacle between outdoor air and your home. Caulk must be applied evenly to provide a full seal around your house windows. If there are cracks in your window caulk, then outside air has an easy way into your home.

Old Windows

Your windows might just be very old and in need of a replacement. Many old windows made from just a single pane of glass and aren’t energy-efficient. Newer windows that are made with double or triple pane glass provide extra insulation for your home and act as an extra barrier between you and the elements. Newer windows are made with energy-efficient technology to prevent drafts.

How To Fix Drafty Windows

Understanding the cause behind your drafty window is the first step to fixing the problem. If you really want to get rid of drafty windows once and for all, the only way is to invest in replacement windows. Vinyl windows are an excellent option for Wisconsin homes. They are made specifically for harsh weather and climates in the Midwest. They are more durable than aluminum or wood windows. Vinyl windows have insulated frames and additional foam insulation that keeps drafts from entering through the frame. New replacement windows add extra insulation and adds a barrier of extra protection between your home and the elements.


What Type of Window Replacement is Best?

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Interested in replacing your windows?

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