5 Things to Look for When Looking For a Good Home Improvement Contractor

Finally, you’ve decided it’s time to tackle that home improvement project that you’ve been meaning to get to. How do you find a good home improvement contractor for your project? When it comes to your home, you want the work done correctly, on time and at a price you’re happy with. So here’s what you need to know when it comes to looking for a good home improvement contractor you can rely on. 

Positive Reputation

In the 21st century online reviews are your best indicator of how reputable and trustworthy a company is. It can also give you insight on any potential problems you may encounter. This may be something as simple as not answering phone calls or to more serious things like unfinished or poorly done work. When it comes to looking for a good home improvement contractor, online reviews is a great way to see the quality of service provided to customers. 

Google reviews is an excellent way to check a company’s online reviews as it’s posted directly from the customer’s account. Be careful of third party review apps that are not as straightforward as they may seem. A good home improvement contractor should have nothing to hide- the opposite if anything. A reputable home improvement contractor will be proud of their glowing reviews and the hard work it took to get them. If you find a home improvement contractor that is not upfront, open or honest about seeing their reviews, or even jumping to show you their reviews, tread with caution.

Another excellent source for homeowners is GuildQuality, a customer satisfaction survey used among the hone improvement industry. This is specifically for home improvement contractors and can give you great insight on the company you’re planning on hiring.

  • Google the business and see what real people have to say about their customer service and work

  • Reputable companies will jump at the chance to show you their good reviews

Licensed and Insured

  • Never hire a professional that is not licensed or insured

It is crucial that your home improvement contractor is bonded, licensed and insured. This shows that they care and responsible for their team members and company. Always make sure that your home improvement contractor is licensed and insured. Under no circumstance should you hire a professional that does not have insurance an operating license.

Years in Business

Another thing to look out for is how long this company has been in business. Chances are companies that have been in business for years have more experience and knowledge to complete your home improvement project to your expectations. Home improvement contractors who’ve been in business for many years have been around the block many times and know what to expect when it comes to your project. 


  • A good and reputable home improvement contractor will be open and honest, even if that’s not the answer you were hoping to hear

  • Be wary of home improvement contractors who push products or services at you without being transparent of pros and cons

An important thing to look out for when hiring a home improvement contractor is honesty. While they might seem obvious, be careful to look out for honesty. This may be letting you know the turnaround time on getting a project completed, even if it’s longer than you expected. You always want your home improvement contractor to be honest and transparent with you. Whether it be turnaround time, cost, or quality of product. A honest and reputable home improvement contractor will tell you the truthful and honest answer, even if that’s what you may not want to hear.

A good and professional home improvement contractor give you the facts and allow you to make a decision. They will give you professional opinion but be transparent in terms of pros and cons.

Completed Past Projects

When looking for the right home improvement contractor for you, looking at past completed projects is very important. Your home improvement contractor should have a portfolio available for completed projects. If your contractor is wary about showing you past projects they’ve completed or have nothing to show you, be concerned. 

Looking at past projects is a great way for you to get an idea what your project will look like. You may be able to see home improvement projects that looked similar to yours and get a better idea of what your project entails. This should be able to be provided to you by your home improvement contractor.



Hiring a local company that meets all the stipulations above is a great decision for your and your community. Firstly you know where their office is! You are most likely a short drive away and can get service right away- no being bounced around on the phone or waiting for someone to get back to you. Reputable local contractors strive to maintain a great reputation with their community and tend to treat customers with extreme care.