Age In Place With An Accessible Shower

Shower Remodeling In Muskego By TightSeal Exteriors & Baths

Age In Place In Style When You Turn To The
Experts For Muskego Shower Remodeling

Choose Accessible Features When You
Are Designing Your Shower Remodel

As everyone gets older, they may require different things to ensure they can comfortably use their home’s shower. That’s why designing a Muskego shower remodeling project with aging in place in mind is one of the most important things for every homeowner.

Designing the ideal shower that will work for you no matter your age or mobility doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beauty.

There is an array of options that are both stunning and great for accessibility, and the experts at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths would love to share some of them with you.

This way, you can go into your shower replacement with your eyes wide open and a few ideas of what you may want to add to your bathroom.

Install A Walk-In Shower During Your
Shower Remodeling Project

Installing a walk-in shower is one of the best ways to ensure your shower will meet your needs at any age.

Walk-in showers come with an array of benefits. They can make your bathroom appear larger and provide a luxurious look that most homeowners thoroughly enjoy.

Not only are walk-in showers beautiful, they are accessible, too. You won’t have to worry about the dangers of a high threshold or the possibility of slipping and falling. Instead, you simply have to step in, turn on the water, and enjoy your oasis.

High-Quality Materials Make Your Shower
Replacement Last Longer

Another important thing to consider when searching for a way to make sure your shower can age with you is the materials.

Every homeowner in Waukesha County is looking for a shower that they can count on to stand the test of time. The only way to bring that dream to fruition is to install a shower made with quality materials.

It’s important to look for something that is easy to maintain and isn’t prone to fading, chipping, or staining over the years. High-quality materials should last for decades with minimal maintenance, meaning you’ll be able to count on your shower for years.

Luckily, when you come to TightSeal Exteriors & Bath for your shower remodeling project, quality is all you will get.

Install Grab Bars During Your
Shower Remodeling Project

Now that we have discussed the type of showers that will help you age in place comfortably, it’s time to talk about the features you can add to make sure your shower is always accessible.

Grab bars are a favorite among homeowners in Muskego. They can come in multiple colors to flawlessly complement your shower surround. Grab bars provide more stability during a shower and can be a great option for people with limited mobility or those who simply want to ensure they can always enjoy an independent shower.

Customize A Luxurious Shower Seat
For Your Shower Replacement

Shower seats are another wonderful option for homeowners to consider. They offer a spot to sit comfortably during your shower or take a load off after a long day.

One of the best things about shower seats is that they are usually incredibly customizable. This means you can choose a seat that fits into your shower’s aesthetic and looks like your dream in-home spa.

You don’t have to wait until you need a shower seat to take advantage of them. Shower seats can be a wonderful option if you are searching for a way to unwind in your bathroom. Imagine coming home after a long day, sitting in the shower, and enjoying a nice, long steam.

Take Advantage Of An Adjustable Shower Head
When Designing Your Shower Remodel

Incorporating an adjustable showerhead in your shower replacement’s design can offer unbeatable convenience and style.

These features make it easier for anyone to use their shower comfortably. You can adjust the shower head to your comfort whether you are sitting or standing.

Additionally, most of these fixtures allow you to control the water pressure and spray pattern. This isn’t just convenient; it’s luxurious, too.

If you have been searching for a company to help you design the ideal shower for your current and future needs, trust TightSeal Exteriors & Baths to get the job done right.

We’re the Muskego shower remodeling professionals who always put our customers’ needs first. Start your remodel with a free quote from TightSeal Exteriors & Baths today.