Garden Window Installation in Milwaukee, WI

Garden Window in Milwaukee, WI | TightSeal Exteriors | Window Experts

This is a garden window in Milwaukee, WI that our team has finished installing. The homeowner wanted to remove their old, double-hung windows and replace them with a garden window.

A garden window gives a homeowner more space, and it is also excellent for enjoying plants. The shelving units provide ample space for decorations and planters. Since the garden window is deep set, it also makes the home look more spacious. With the window coming out of the wall, light is able to enter at all angles. This creates a more inviting and well-lit space, and it gives the home a fresh look and feel. The glass also provides the plants with adequate sunlight. The sides of the garden window are designed to open up, which allows fresh air to circulate through. The glass of the window has a low e-coating that protects your home from fading.

This garden window in Milwaukee was installed for the homeowner in less than a day. The homeowner was very pleased at how quickly we were able to get in his new window for him. He said that our installers were knowledgeable and that they made sure he understood the entire process. He mentioned that he wished more installers were like the installers at TightSeal.

Following the installation, the homeowner said he was happy with the garden window and how it made his kitchen look bigger. He also had a specific place to put his plants that would give them enough light. It also was a great way to showcase his plants. He said he had been waiting over twenty years to get this garden window…and we were happy to make it happen!

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