Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

Our bathroom remodeling team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths completed this bathtub replacement in Colgate, WI. The old bathtub had a number of problems and it was time for a bathtub replacement.

  • Old bathtub was in very rough shape and a full bathtub replacement would be needed
  • Wall surround falling apart and very discolored

This bathtub and surround was the perfect candidate for bathroom remodeling. The bathtub was suffering from severe discoloration and heavily stained. Large portions of paint had chipped off from the bathtub, making it look uneven and unsightly. The only way to fix this is either re-glazing your bathtub or going for a bathtub replacement.

Since this bathtub and wall surround was in such rough shape, our bathroom contractors and remodeling team suggested replacing the entire bathtub and surround with something new. A new bathtub replacement would eliminate the painstaking process of sanding and re-glazing the tub, which was already in very rough shape.

Our bathroom remodeling team also took note of the wall surround breaking apart and literally falling apart in pieces. The caulk was moldy and discolored. This bathtub was past trying to salvage. The Colgate homeowners opted for a full bathtub replacement in order to completely remove the old, deteriorated bathtub and surround.


Before of Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

These Colgate homeowners also reported the valves on their bathtub going bad. This is common in older bathtubs and bathrooms. Our bathroom remodeling contractor would have to remove the old fixtures and replace everything with new, functional fixtures. 

Before of Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI
Before of Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

The old bathtub also lacked grab bars and other handicap accessible accessories. Grab bars are a smart options for those who have limited mobility or those who are aging. With many of us planning to live in our home for a long time, grab bars help make the bathroom a safe and secure place to relax.

You can also see that this old bathtub lacks storage space and there no special storage for razors or other personal hygiene products. Our bathroom contractor will be installing custom grab bars and storage to solve this issue.


Before of Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

  • Bathtub Replacement is new and modern looking


  • New tub is resistant to mold, mildew, chips, scratches and fading


  • Completed in only two days

The new bathtub is beautiful and looks modern. The wall surround resembles real stone without all the hassle of real stone. It also compliments the color of the paint in the bathroom. Best of all, the new bathtub and wall surround completed in this bathroom remodel are virtually maintenance free!

The homeowners in Colgate will not have to worry about mold, mildew, discoloration or yellowing like with their previous bathtub. The bathtub and wall surround installed in this bathroom remodeling project also chip, crack and fade resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

These homeowners will be able to enjoy their new bathtub replacement in Colgate without having to worry about stressful bathtub maintenance and upkeep. The grab bars make their bathroom safe and secure and they can age in peace. The new shelves installed in the bathroom remodel provide ample space to store hygiene products. This bathroom remodeling project was completed by our team in under two days.

Before of Bathtub Replacement in Colgate, WI

Are you struggling with an outdated bathtub? Contact our bathroom contractor at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths. We are your first choice when it comes to looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to tackle your home remodeling project and make your bathroom remodeling project happen!