Window Replacement in West Allis, WI

  • Windows original to the West Allis home

  • Windows were drafty and frames were rotted out
  • Our home remodeling team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths completed this window replacement in West Allis, Wisconsin. Our window replacement experts commonly see windows similar to the ones in this West Allis homes. Like in many older homes in the Milwaukee county area, these windows were original to the the West Allis home. With the windows being older, they were extremely drafty and difficult to open. This is common with old style windows. Another issue our window replacement contractors see is rotting within the frame of the window. This is caused by a broken seal or improperly installed window which then leads to condensation and air from the outside leaking into the home. 


  • Rotted window frames can be difficult to detect

  • Consult with your window replacement contractor if your windows have structrual damage

  • The windows on this West Allis home showed obvious signs of deterioration. The most notable issue was the air that could be felt around the window frames leaking into the home. Other signs of window deterioration are not as obvious and takes a professional window replacement company to uncover. Frequently, this includes rotted window frames. Many times window frame rot can we tough to see without removing your window and closely inspecting the window frame. When it comes to your window replacement project, make sure to ask your window replacement company or window contractor to inspect for rotted window frames. 

    This will be a crucial part of your window replacement project as it may save you a lot of headache down the road. Discuss with your window replacement contractor whether a full frame or pocket window replacement makes sense for you. If your windows are suffering from rot it is a smart idea to replace the entire window frame. This will solve the root of the problem by completely removing the frame that has structural damage. Discuss with your window contractor what your goals are to find a solution that works for you.

  • Cold air could be felt leaking into the home from the windows
  • Broken seals or faulty window installations lead to high energy bills
  • The homeowners in West Allis were also reporting that cold air could be felt coming inside the home. With old windows you can often feel cold air around the window. This can be a nightmare in Wisconsin winters as you are losing warm energy inside your home due to poorly functioning windows. 

    Consult with your window replacement company if you are experiencing drafts coming into your home. A window replacement contractor will be able to identify if your seal is broken or what measures need to be taken in order to rectify this issue. When the air from outside gets into your home from your windows, moisture and condensation will form inside your windows. This will lead to rot and even black mold, which is something you don’t wan to expose yourself or your family to. Broken seals and improperly installed windows also lead to high energy bills as the cool/warm air you are paying for to keep your home comfortable is leaking outside through faulty windows.

  • Have your local window replacement company or contractor inspect for structrual damage
  • Our window replacement company replaced the old, rotted wood with fresh woodwork. The West Allis homeowners no longer have to worry about air leaking into their home and black mold. We also did all custom woodwork like we do on all our American-made windows. You can see that the old window looked basic and plain. The new full frame window replacement has beautiful new woodwork that looks amazing. By adding this custom woodwork the kitchen area looks more upscale and sophisticated. This window replacement adds a touch of class and elegance with the vintage Pecan stain. The new window replacement is also made of solid Oak.


  • New window replacement is easy to open

  • The low-e coating protects the home from fading from the sun's rays

  • Solid oak frame looks beautiful and elegant in this West Allis home
  • The new window replacement looks beautiful and has a low-e coating to protect from the sun’s harsh rays. This will prevent the UV rays from fading the carpet, furnishings and rest of the home. The new properly installed winow replacement will keep energy costs at a minimum and prevent drafts and condensation from entering the home. The windows are also easy to open and slide effortlessly. The solid oak frames look beautiful and add value to this West Allis home.

    Do you have drafts entering your home? Sick of paying high energy bills? Call TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, your West Allis window replacement company. Hire a window contractor that has the experience and skills necessary to tackle your window replacement project. We have completed thousands of projects and understand the unique aspects of your West Allis home. Our team of experienced window replacement contractors will work with you to address your concerns and find a solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. 


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