Energy Efficient Window Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Energy Efficient Window Replacement in Milwaukee

TightSeal Exteriors and Baths recently got a call to do an energy efficient window replacement at this happy couple’s Milwaukee home. Their original windows at this Milwaukee home were installed in 1964, and it was beginning to show. Those outdated, single-pane windows were drafty and were prone to issues with condensation. As we all know, in Southeastern Wisconsin, drafty windows and condensation issues are a problem. As we all know in Southeastern Wisconsin drafty windows can rake up your electricity bill due to your AC having to over work itself to keep the house the correct temperature. Also these old windows had condensation build ups in them which is bad because mold mildew and plaque build ups can occur from a condensation build up.

So, they called the window experts at TightSeal Exteriors and Baths. Our crew came in and installed brand-new, Energy Star-certified sliding windows. Utilizing our quality-assured, American Made products we did a replacement on their window with an energy efficient window and any worries about lost comfort or energy efficiency were gone!

All of our custom-made windows come with a life-time warranty, and look so good that your home’s curb appeal will instantly rise!

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