Residential Garage Roof Replacement in Milwaukee, WI

Residential Garage Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths recently performed a residential garage roof replacement in Milwaukee. The original roof on the garage had a hole that let rain water in that could’ve cause a mold build up in said garage, or even worse it could’ve caused water damage to the garage itself. The garage roof was missing shingles and had old deteriorated rusty gutters. As we all know, in Southeastern Wisconsin, a faulty or broken roof creates safety and security issues that no homeowner wants to worry about.

So, a call was made to Southeast Wisconsin’s premier roofing contractors at TightSeal Exteriors and Baths, and our crew came in and started to tear up the old shingles on the roof in order to repair the hole and fix up the garage roof. We then followed by patching the hole in the roof and applying a high durability sealant so nothing like this should ever happen again, and we were able to complete our expert roof replacement installation with no further issues. As always, our team worked efficiently, courteously and performed a spotless cleanup. Utilizing our quality-assured, American Made products we replaced the roof and any worries about security or safety were gone!

Residential Garage Roof Replacement Milwaukee - TightSeal Exteriors
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