Why You Need A Walk-In Tub

Do You Need A Walk-In
Tub In New Berlin?

How A Walk-In Tub
Can Benefit You

A walk-in tub in New Berlin adds an array of benefits for your family. Every feature adds another layer of accessibility to ensure your home is safe and comfortable and allows independence for each family member.

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths has served Waukesha County since 1991. We offer exceptional bathroom remodels, door replacements, and window replacements. Our bathroom remodels often include accessibility options, such as walk-in tubs that offer many benefits.

A Walk-In Tub Remodel Adds Comfort

Bathroom remodeling may be in your future if you want to upgrade your bathroom with accessible features that make your time bathing more pleasant. Walk-in tubs are very comfortable, as they’re manufactured with an ergonomic design. They also allow a deeper submersion than other types of tubs.

Traditional tubs allow around a foot of water, or sometimes less, when full. But walk-in tubs allow much more water. This ensures you can fully soak in the bathtub. You can still have a foot of water, but you can also choose to have more.

Safety First With Options Like
Safe Step Bathtubs

Safety is of utmost importance in any home, but when you or a family member requires extra assistance, it’s crucial to make every decision with that in mind. Whether aging in place or living with a disability, ensuring you can bathe without risk should be a priority.

Walk-in tubs allow you to bathe without any added risk, thanks to the door that you can walk in and out of. It also reduces the chances of slipping that may occur in a walk-in shower. However, a walk-in shower may be a better option in some cases.

The two options – a walk-in tub and a walk-in shower – may be difficult to decide on. Your home improvement contractor can help you find out which is suitable for your individual needs.

Increase Home Value With Luxury
Walk-In Bathtub Options

A luxury bathtub with accessibility options may help improve the value of your home. This depends on the area you live as certain neighborhoods have a higher demand for inclusion options than others.

Those looking for houses in retirement neighborhoods are much more likely to seek out homes with a walk-in bathtub. Though it’s unlikely it will lower the value of your home in any case, it may be an amazing investment under the right circumstances.

Therapeutic Walk-In Tubs Are
Excellent For Your Health

There are many health benefits to a walk-in bathtub, especially for seniors or those hoping to age in place. Though accessibility in general is a great benefit, others include physical health rather than inclusion.

  • Joints: a warm bath may provide relief from arthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions. Submerging yourself in the water loosens the stiffness and reduces inflammation.
  • Muscles: general aches and pains can improve with a relaxing bath, especially if you decide on a tub with jets or built-in massage systems.
  • Heart: walk-in tubs promote heart health by adding pressure from the water that helps blood circulation. This aids in ensuring your heart receives the proper blood flow, which reduces blood pressure due to the lower strain on the blood vessels.
  • Pancreas (Blood Sugar): taking hot baths can allow more blood to the tissues, which allows more glucose to enter and lower blood sugar

Does Insurance Pay For Accessible
Bathing Solutions?

Original Medicare does not pay for walk-in bathtubs as they are not considered medical equipment. But there are certain plans, such as Medicare Advantage, that may help cover the costs. This may happen if your doctor “prescribes” the walk-in tub as a medical necessity. Your doctor and your insurance company can help you find out if you can get part of the cost of a walk-in tub covered.

No matter what your insurance covers or doesn’t cover, TightSeal offers 0% interest financing for up to 12 months on qualifying installs. We want anyone who needs a walk-in tub to be able to get one.

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths offers an array of bathroom remodeling services in New Berlin. If you want to upgrade your bathroom with an accessible walk-in, call us today at 414-895-4807 for a free quote.