Why Install Energy Efficient Windows?

Best energy-efficient window replacement in New Berlin by Tight Seal

Benefits Of Energy-Efficient
Windows In New Berlin

Making The Most Of Your
Window Replacement

Energy-efficient window replacements in New Berlin, WI are one of the best ways to improve your energy bills, balance the temperature of your home, and protect your home from harmful UV rays. Energy efficiency is much bigger than saving money; it’s about looking at the bigger picture and how it can benefit your loved ones – the people who matter most to Tight Seal Exteriors & Bath.

Tight Seal Exteriors & Bath make it their specialty to keep the residents of Waukesha County safe and warm all winter. We do this with quality baths/showers, durable doors, and properly-sealed window replacements. There are many benefits to using energy-efficient windows.

Lower Energy Bills In New Berlin

A lower energy bill is one of the biggest draws of energy-efficient window replacements. The investment pays you back over time by helping your HVAC unit do a better job of heating and cooling your home.

New Berlin isn’t known for its hot summers, but winter temperatures can really do a number on your energy bill. That’s why energy-efficient window replacements can be such a benefit for your Waukesha County home.

Energy-Efficient Windows Use Less Energy

Energy-efficient windows help reduce greenhouse emissions in the area. By improving the performance of the windows, you use less energy and thus reduce harmful emissions from your home.

Saving on energy has long-term benefits, but the short-term benefits include local energy security, reduced air and water pollution, and working together as a community.

More Balanced Heat Dispersion With Energy-Efficient
Window Replacements

It’s time to get comfortable with energy-efficient windows. When you choose a quality window replacement, you reap the benefits of a more balanced temperature in your home. Whether it’s the cold leather loveseat in the corner or the hot loft no one wants to enter in the summer, energy-efficient windows can help.

Depending on the season, window replacements help disperse hot and cool air by locking in the inside temperature while keeping the outside temperature out. So, you no longer have a favorite spot in the house due to temperature because the entire home becomes the most comfortable place.

Window Replacements Reduce UV Damage

An energy-efficient window installation helps to reduce UV damage to things inside your home. This includes discoloring of the carpet as well as skin damage.

Energy-efficient windows reflect heat, reduce fading, and do not let harmful rays in through the glass. Because of this, the windows keep your home looking brighter and even offer long-term health benefits.

Increase Home Value With The
Right Type Of Window

Energy-efficient windows increase the value of your home in many ways. Not only do they improve the look of the exterior, boosting curb appeal, but interested buyers will know that they can save on their energy bill.

If you implement custom window frames and other unique additions, you increase the value even more. Custom window frames are rare these days, but Tight Seal Exteriors & Bath has a custom woodworking shop to step up our game and give you the best window replacement in New Berlin.

We prefer to create full custom framing rather than pocket installations that do little to improve energy efficiency or replace old rotting wood. It’s more than about current home value – it’s a value that will last a lifetime.

Noise Reduction In New Berlin

Keeping sound out is an important part of keeping your privacy while being able to enjoy your home life. When the outside noises are more muffled, you can rest easy knowing the inside noises are being kept in. Your privacy and peace of mind are priorities to us at Tight Seal Exteriors & Bath. We do our best to think of everything and how it can improve your life. 

New Berlin should be a community, and we work daily to bring people together with our hard work, integrity, and honesty. 

If you’re ready to improve your energy efficiency with a window replacement in New Berlin, call Tight Seal Exteriors & Bath at 414-895-4807 for a free quote. Integrity is key to a positive contractor-customer relationship, and we always put your needs first to deliver you the best energy-efficient windows that check all the boxes.