What Type of Window Replacement is Best?

What Type of Window Replacement is Best?

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What type of window replacement is best?

When it comes to replacing your home windows, it get can be a daunting task. Many homeowners are left to ask, what type of window replacement is best? Many homeowners are unaware of the different types of window replacement options.

Pocket Install

Pocket windows keep the original frame, trim, siding and casing intact.  A pocket is an insert that goes inside the existing frame. One downside is the loss of glass space. Often times homeowners may only have one or two windows in the room and want to preserve as much glass space as possible.

A pocket window is less expensive than a full frame replacement as it is not technically a full replacement. This is often the driving factor behind whether homeowners choose what type of window replacement is best.

A pocket window may be a good solution for you depending on the condition of your existing window frame and other components if you are only planning on staying in the house for a couple years and are planning to move in the near future.
While price is important to keep in consideration when making your decision, it’s wise to ask yourself which type of window replacement will meet your needs. If you’re suffering from frame rot, air leakage or mold, installing a pocket window while keeping the existing components that are structurally damaged will not be the best long-term solution.


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Full Frame Replacement

In these cases, the best type of window replacement will be a full frame window replacement. Full frame requires removing the existing windows down to the studs. Often times homeowners elect a full frame window installation deciding what type of window replacement is best.

This is because full frame replacements replace the extension jams, interior and exteriors trim in addition to just the window itself. This often the best option when there is damage in the frame, whether it be to condensation, termites or moisture. By replacing the entire frame and not just the window, you are eliminating the root cause of the problem.

Other reasons a full frame window replacement may be best is if there is a lack of insulation in your window frames. The lack of insulations causes air leakage- meaning condensation, and moisture will seep into your home- eventually causing mold.
Full frame window replacements may be best for older homes, as the windows are in significant need of replacing. We find that many homes built in the 90’s have builder grade windows that have major structural issues- whether the frame is rotten, crooked or badly out the square. Often times it’s wisest and easiest to tear it all out and replace everything. This also fixes the root of the issue and give you much longer lasting results.

Something to consider when selecting what type of window replacement is best for you is price. Full frame windows will be at an additional cost since there is more being replaced. However, electing to fix the root of the problem will be more cost effective in the long run. If your windows are suffering from air leakage, mold, condensation, moisture or are just extremely old, putting in a new pocket window over the existing problem may help, but the problem will still be there. Depending on the state and condition of your windows, we recommend having your rep do a full inspection to diagnose the problem before choosing the best option for you. Discuss what you are hoping to achieve by replacing your windows and see what solution best fits your needs. This can save you a lot of time, headache and in the long term, money.



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