Replacing Damaged Windows in Elkhorn, WI

Replacing Damaged Windows in Elkhorn, WI

We came out to replace over 30 damaged windows in this home. These windows were original to the home. The homeowners decided to replace the windows since it was experiencing black mold, wind damage, rot and condensation. 

Black Mold:

Black mold is an irritant on the human body. It can cause problems for your eyes, nose, throat, lungs and even skin. Having black mold growing on your window frames can make you very sick. Those who have allergies must be especially careful of damaged windows.

  • Mold grows when there is a leak in the window, allowing air from outside to get into your home. The condensation from the outside air from rain or humidity gets a broken seal or leak. 
  • While many people attempt to reduce the amount of condensation by completely opening the window, they will not eliminate the issue. With this family having 32 damaged windows in their home, they needed a permanent solution.
  • Using bleach will kill mold temporarily, but without fixing the problem, the mold will return. 

Wind Damage:

Winds and storms can knock branches and other debris into your windows. They can scratch, dent, chip or crack your windows. In addition, wind damage can also contribute to your window seal failing. If you have old, damaged windows, window damage may be the final straw to damaged windows.

Rotten/Condensation Damaged Windows:

Rotten windows are the result of moisture being allowed to come into contact with the material over and over again. Rotting windows are a sign of a poorly functioning window.

While many people choose to do a quick repair by doing a window pocket or even less extensive repairs, this only puts a temporary band-aid over the issue. Reputable companies will examine your damaged windows for extensive damage versus selling you a quick fix. A reputable company will not do a pocket insert or surface level repair when there is extensive damage we we know that while this may temporarily hide the problem; it will also cause further distress and money down the road.

We replaced 32 windows in this home and installed new, energy-efficient windows. Their new windows are easy to clean, low maintenance and installed properly. Therefore, these homeowners will not have any condensation, black mold or rot. Our windows are custom-made to your home. They are built in the United States and hand-stained and painted by hand. These windows also have a lifetime warranty! 

Experiencing mold, rot, condensation or any other damage on your windows? 

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