Bay Window Installation in West Bend

Bay Window Installation in West Bend

We completed a bay window installation in West Bend, WI. The homeowners were previous customers who had a bath installed by us. They had such a good experience with their bath install that they came to us again when it was time to replace their bay window. Our team at TightSeal was honored, as our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible! To us, returning customers mean we’re accomplishing our goal.We came to the home to take initial measurements and look at the current state of the window. The old bay window was beginning to show wear and tear. The homeowner complained of the window being drafty. This means they were paying more than they should when it came to heating and cooling. With this bay window taking up the majority of the living room space, air was quickly escaping and from their home.

This can be a pain in hot Wisconsin summers and cold Wisconsin winters. The homeowners opted to replace their old bay window was a more energy efficient one. We were also able to extend the bay window seating six inches! The homeowner was was very happy about this as she had more space to decorate. In addition able to get almost an exact match for the casing on the window! The boards on the wall seamlessly meet with the casing on the bay window. The dark oak is almost a perfect match. The oak casing is both functional and beautiful! It doesn’t dent and adds a nice touch in the home. In addition, the window stops also accent the window nicely and makes it look more sophisticated.

The windows were foam filled and foam insulation was placed all around the outside of the window as well. The seat is a lovely oak veneer. After stained, varnished and sealed, the result is an easy maintenance and beautiful window. In addition we installed a three point locking system that can controlled from the handle on the inside. This adds extra protection and makes sure the window is tightly sealed. Since the window was under an overhang, we covered the exposed wood with aluminum and then caulked everything. This makes it easy maintenance for the homeowner.

We also anchored steel cables to the roof rafters for optimal support. The end result is a beautiful and functional window that save the homeowners a small fortune on heating and cooling costs. We were also able to get the bay window installation done in under a day!  

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