Preparing For Your Bathtub Remodeling Consultation

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What To Expect At Your Bathtub Remodeling
Consultation In New Berlin, WI

Preparing For Your Visit From Your
Bathtub Remodeling Contractor

The best bathtub remodeling in New Berlin, WI offers a consultation that comes before project day. The consultation for bathtub replacements includes a quote, time estimate, and discussions for details regarding your project. Though not every contractor goes through the exact same steps, there is a standard that is expected for a bathtub remodel consultation.

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths is very particular about our consultations, planning them well to ensure we get to everything we need to to ensure ultimate success with your bathtub remodel.

Measurements For Your Bathtub Replacement

During a bathtub replacement consultation in Waukesha County, exact measurements are taken of everything from the walls to the existing bathtub. It’s crucial that we get accurate measurements for your bathtub remodel.

That’s why TightSeal Exteriors & Baths measures multiple times so we leave much less room for error. Reputable contractors always do this to ensure that no mistakes are made regarding sizes on installation day.

Discuss Your Needs And Bathtub Remodel Ideas

Design consultants will likely go over your wants, needs, and ideas during a lengthy discussion while they’re at your home for consultation. The process can be fun because you get to tell your contractor about your dream bathtub remodel.

This discussion will include the style you are going for and if you’re adding any other projects to your bathtub remodel. If there are any focuses you want to note, this is the best time to bring them to light.

For example, now is a great time to talk about accessibility options that are ADA-compliant. You could also mention that you’d like to ensure your bathroom is suitable for bathing toddlers. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths specializes in ADA-compliance and customizing spaces for diverse families.

This stage can also include the design, dream, and brainstorming phases. If you’re not set on certain ideas for your bathtub replacement, we love helping you find inspirations that make you excited about installing your new bathtub.

Check Drains, Supply, And Other
Bathtub Remodeling Details

Contractors check your current setup for compatibility during a consultation. They need to know the type of drain and supply you currently have so they know which hardware hookups to bring on installation day.

At TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, we do our best to offer compatible options so we can work with your current space and get exceptional results. You shouldn’t have to worry about compatibility issues when you take on a bathtub remodel.

Discuss Your Options For Your Bathtub
Remodel In Waukesha County

During the consultation, contractors will show you what they have to offer. This will include what they have available, what they can order for you, and what they can custom make. This is an exciting stage that allows you to begin customizing your bathroom and choosing the final touches for your bathtub remodel.

At TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, we have an array of amazing accessibility, shower surround, and hardware options to ensure a fully customized experience. We’ll happily go over these options in detail during your consultation.

Check Local Permits For Your Bathtub Remodel

Wisconsin has restrictions and permit requirements in certain areas, but there’s no need for homeowners to worry about codes and permits. Your contractor will take a look at the local codes, as well as the details of your installation, and see if your bathtub project requires a permit. Unlike windows, permits for bathtubs are quite rare, but there are some cases, especially in bundled projects, that it’s necessary.

Bathtub Remodel Cost Estimate

The cost estimate is one of the most important details of a consultation. Due to the many different colors, styles, and options we offer, we can’t provide a ballpark price over the phone. During the in-home consultation, we give a down-to-the-penny quote for the project.

Bathtub Replacement Time Estimate

The time it takes to install a bathtub varies, but once we get a look at your space and what you want to install, we can give you an accurate estimate on time. The time for this varies, but our estimates are spot on after we see what we’re working with.

If you’re ready to set up a bathtub remodeling consultation in New Berlin, WI, call TightSeal Exteriors & Baths at 414-895-4807 for a free quote. You can also book a consultation online with our hassle-free booking system.