Accessible Bathroom Ideas

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Bathtub Remodeling Ideas That Make Your
New Berlin Bathroom More Accessible

Creating An Inclusive Space For
With A Bathtub Replacement

Accessible bathtub remodeling in New Berlin, WI means making your bathroom an inclusive space. There are multiple features that can transform your bathroom into an accessible room, and many of those involve a bathtub remodel.

Maybe a grab bar is just what you need to feel safer, or perhaps a walk-in shower remodel will make you feel more independent. There are plenty of options to help make your bathroom more accessible for the whole family.

At TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, we love making your bathroom more accessible with a bathtub remodel or replacement. Whether you’re aging in place or turning your home into a more inclusive environment, we can help.

Bathtub Replacement With A Walk-In
Tub-To-Shower Conversion

A walk-in shower is ideal for an accessible bathroom in Waukesha County. If you have a bathtub now, it can be transformed into a walk-in shower via a tub-to-shower conversion.

By replacing the bathtub base with a shower base and adding a new surround, your bathroom becomes a more accessible space. It is also an easy way to widen your shower area, which naturally makes it more accessible.

Textured Shower Pans For
Your Bathtub Remodel

Textured shower pans are an anti-slip alternative to the classic, smooth shower base. The textured areas are made with the same acrylic material that the base is made of, so the aesthetic remains the same.

These new shower bases are still comfortable to walk on and don’t require a non-slip mat. They also have a low threshold, so stepping over the edge isn’t a hazard. Textured shower pans make it easier for anyone to take a shower safely, bringing the whole family peace of mind.

Walk-In Tub Remodel In
Waukesha County

Walk-in tubs are a great project to add a layer of accessibility to your home. They make your bathtub safe and inclusive, so you don’t need to switch to a walk-in shower. These tubs often come with a seat, low step-ins, jets, and heated surfaces, which all add to the accessibility and luxury aspect of the tub.

Even if you don’t have accessibility in mind, walk-in tubs are spacious and comfortable, giving you a spa-like experience. They are also one of the easiest types to keep clean because you can open the door to clean it.

Smart Handle And Shelf Placements
For Your Bathtub Remodel

Handles may need to be lower, while shelves may need to be higher for an accessible shower. This all depends on who will be using the shower and if it needs to be wheelchair accessible. During consultation, your contractor will help you find the ideal height for each feature.

Grab Bars Are A Benefit For Accessible
Bathtub Remodeling In New Berlin

Grab bars are one of the cheapest yet most beneficial additions to any bathtub remodel. Grab bars help maintain stability while reducing the fatigue that can be brought on by showering. Because they remain close to the wall, they’re never in the way, so they are a wonderful addition to any bathtub project. Even if you don’t need them, they’re a great feature to keep on hand.

Handheld Showerheads Are Inclusive
Bathtub Remodeling Features

A handheld showerhead is a great feature for any bathtub remodel because it can be used like a regular showerhead yet offers freedom that others do not. It allows a sense of independence and grants better control over how individuals shower. You can leave the shower head attached above like a standard shower head or detach it for full control.

ADA Compliance Is Crucial For An
Accessible Bathtub Remodel

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, those in need of accessibility features are included in the design process of bathrooms. Even in residential spaces, ADA compliance is important to ensure everyone has equal access to enter, exit, and use their bathtubs as intended.

At TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, we ensure our accessible bathroom remodels are ADA-compliant. If you’re ready for a bathtub remodeling with accessibility in mind, call TightSeal Exteriors & Baths at 414-895-4807 for your free estimate.