Patio Door Replacement in Dousman, WI

Our team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths completed this patio door replacement in Dousman, WI. The old patio door did not have a screen and was also leaking. It old patio door in Dousman was also difficult to open and did not slide without a lot of effort. This is a common reason why homeowners tend to replace their old patio door. The old patio door was also beginning to fade and crack away. 

  • Patio door was difficult to open, leaking and did not have a screen


The frame on this window was damaged. This often occurs when the patio door is not installed correctly. When the patio door is not properly installed, condensation, moisture and the elements can enter your home from the outside. After a while this will cause serious structural damage including rot. Unfortunately when the frame begins to rot away, the best option is often to replace the entire frame and do a full frame window or door installation. 

Doing this will address the root of the problem. This Dousman homeowner decided to go with a full frame patio door replacement. Our home improvement team will replace the old, damaged frames with brand new woodwork. The full frame patio door installation will address the leaking, condensation and air from entering the home. 


  • Full frame patio door install will eliminate moisture, condensation and leaks

The new patio door looks beautiful. It is an upgrade from the old patio door. It now opens smoothly and easily. The Dousman homeowner reports that it looks fantastic and is very easy to operate.  The new patio door also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

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