Patio Door Installation in South Milwaukee, WI

Patio Door Installation in South Milwaukee, WI

TightSeal Exteriors & Baths recently performed a patio door installation in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The original, 35-year-old patio door was weather worn and didn’t function properly. The door was hard to open and because it was weather worn it allowed outside weather to draft in easily. Allowing outside weather in is bad because weather such as rain getting into your house can cause a mold and mildew build up to happen if left unnoticed, also outside temperatures drafting in is a sure fire way to run up your electricity bill because, when cold air comes in it makes your AC unit run more than it should in order to make the temperature to what it was set at.

This is why the homeowners decided to call South Milwaukee’s expert door installation team at TightSeal Exteriors and Baths. We came in per the clients request and were able to installed a custom patio door with liquid injected foam and triple-pane glass. The happy homeowners loved the triple pane, and they said their new patio door looks like it really works with their home’s aesthetic.

As always, our team worked efficiently, courteously and performed a spotless cleanup. Utilizing our quality-assured, American Made products we replaced the patio door, and any worries about energy loss, safety, security or aesthetic were gone!

Patio Door Installation South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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