Is Your Home Weathering the Storm?

Is Your Home Weathering the Storm?

Regardless of the season in Wisconsin, storms can ravage the state and leave your home tattered or damaged in its tracks. Thinking about the weather we experience at any point in the year, your home has served to keep you warm and safe, but what can you do to help your home survive the storm. Depending on the type of severe weather, here are a few ideas for keeping your home safe from the storm while it does the same for you.

Snow or Ice Storms

With winter right around the corner, Midwesterners are preparing themselves for the months ahead. Characterized by extreme cold, heavy snow, and potential ice, Wisconsin winters can be long, dreary, and potentially damaging to your home. Before the wintry weather sets in, it’s important to check your windows for potential issues, and think about replacing them if needed. New windows not only brighten up your home and improve curb appeal, but newed models are more energy efficient, which means they are better at keeping the cozy warm air in, and the icy cold air out. Snow and ice can also impact your roof and the structure of your home depending on the severity of the storm. Make sure your roofing is sturdy and can stand up to another harsh winter. If not, it might be time for a replacement roof.

High Winds

When the wind gusts up to its highest speeds, anything that isn’t secure isn’t safe. If you’ve got loose shingles, siding, or compromised windows or doors, your home could be at risk of further damage from high winds. And this isn’t including the potential damage high winds can cause your home from flying debris, fallen trees, or damaged power lines. Before and after severe weather with expected high winds, it’s important to examine your home for any issues, and address them as soon as possible. As with most things, being proactive, and keeping your home in top condition is best to keep your home protected from the wind.

Heavy Rain

When the precipitation isn’t in snowflake form, Wisconsin can be plagued by intense rainstorms as well. With almost a third of the total days in the year being impacted by rain precipitation, it’s important to make sure your home is prepared for it. Strong rains can cause flooding, leaks, or structural damage so you want to make sure your home’s exterior are tightly sealed and can withstand the storm. You’ll want to ensure your roof, doors, and windows are in good condition to be able to keep the rain and moisture outside where it’s meant to be.

After severe weather, it’s important to take another look at your home and assess any damage. Damage from storms should be identified, confirmed, and repaired quickly to avoid further issues. Whether you’re looking to protect your home in the event of severe weather or repair it after the storm, contact our team of experts at TightSeal for your free quote today.