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Get beautiful windows built specifically to your home.
29 years later and our windows are still meticulously stained, painted and finished by hand by our craftsmen. We can match existing woodwork in your home and create beautiful custom woodwork.

You’ll be amazed at the quality and workmanship by our TightSeal craftsmen.

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According to the Department of Energy, windows alone account for up to 25% of U.S. energy bills. These costs can quickly increase without energy-efficient windows, especially living in Wisconsin. We understand the unique needs of Wisconsin homes. That’s why our replacement windows are custom-made and built for superior performance.


Proudly made in America. Premium windows built to last.

ENERGY STAR windows that are built for the Wisconsin climate.

Lifetime Warranty

Rest easy knowing your windows have a lifetime warranty.


Get beautiful windows made specifically for your home. 


Our windows are designed specifically to withstand the harsh Wisconsin climate. Our double and triple-paned windows will keep your home warm in winter and cool the summer. Our ENERGY STAR® qualified replacement windows with Low-E glass and argon gas offer superior performance for our Wisconsin climate.

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Common Windows Issues


What Causes Wood Rot and Mold in Window Frames?
Rotten and moldy  window frames are usually the result of moisture being allowed to come in contact with the window material. When moisture is allowed to repeatedly come into contact with the wood, the wood begins the rot and grow mold.

What Are the Consequences of Wood Rot and Mold in Your Windows?
Water damaged windows is a sign that your windows are no longer functioning as they should.

How Can You Spot Wood Rot and Mold in Your Windows and Doors?
Often times it’s impossible to tell your window frame is water damaged until the window is actually taken out. Even though you may not visually be able to spot rotting or mold, leaving rotten frames in your home poses a serious concern.

How to Address Wood Rot and Mold in Your Window Sills and Frames?
Replacing your windows with up-to-date and tightly sealed windows that will prevent condensation from forming in the future. A full-frame window replacement eliminates any water damage and will you give you peace of mind with its lifetime warranty. A full-frame replacement replaces all the water damaged components with a new frame and window. We specialize in full-frame replacements and believe it is the correct way to replace windows.

There are two types of window replacements:

  • Full-Frame Installation
  • Insert/Pocket Installation

A full-frame replacement is when the window and parts are completely removed and replaced. We recommend a full-frame replacement for the long-term, as it completely removes any water damaged material.

An insert or pocket installation is when the window is removed and then a new window is inserted into the old frame. The jamb, brickmould and other window components stay. We typically do not recommend an insert or pocket installation as the water damaged material will still exist. This means you may end up having to do another replacement in several years. With a full-frame window coming with a lifetime warranty, it makes more sense to do a full-frame install instead of putting a band-aid over the issue with an insert.

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Why Are My Windows Difficult to Open?
Depending on what type of window you have, the most common reason windows are difficult to open is due to dust and dirt build up. This happens mostly in double hung and single frame windows. Over time, dust, dirt and other debris builds up, causing friction as you try to open the window.

Does Your Windows Make an Usual Sound When Opened?
When you open the window does it rub, rattle or squeak? This can mean that the frame is not aligned properly or the components of the window may be damaged. Your window should open smoothly and silently!

How Can You Fix Windows That Are Difficult to Open?
Depending on the type of window, you can attempt to thoroughly clean the window or inspect it for damage. Unless you know what to look for, it may be difficult to pinpoint what needs to be done. You may need to remove the window stash if you have a sliding to casement window. Check for loose or stopped screws and lubricate the hinges if necessary. Sometimes it may still be difficult to open after you’ve done all you can. Many times if you have an older home with its original windows, it may just be time to replace them with updated, easy to open windows. Outdated window styles like Jalousie or single pane windows are highly inefficient and should be replaced.

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What causes drafty windows?

Window Seal Failure
This is one of the worst outcomes of seal failure. When the seal of your window breaks, the argon gas between the glass escapes. This can cause ice and water to form inside your windows, making it extremely energy inefficient. Window seals can break from wear and tear over time, poorly installed windows, excessive mold build-up or even extreme temperatures and the elements if the window is not of good quality.

Poorly Installed Windows
While we often like doing things ourselves, when it comes to your home it’s safest to trust an experienced professional. Often times when windows are not properly installed to industry standards, drafts will be felt coming into the home. This is because the window and frame does not properly fit the opening and gaps between the window frame let in air. A professional installer will know how to perfectly fit the window into the opening, preventing air from entering into your home.

Window Caulk Cracks
Caulk prevents drafts from getting into your home by sealing off the space where the frame meets the building. Cracks in the caulk is an easy way for outside air to enter your home.

Old Windows
Some windows are just not designed to withstand the brutal Midwest weather. Double or triple pane windows provide extra insulation for your home and act as an extra barrier between you and the elements. Many old windows are just made from a single pane of glass.

What’s the best solution to Drafty Windows?
Vinyl windows are an excellent option for Wisconsin homes. They are made specifically for harsh weather and climates in the Midwest. They are more durable than aluminum or wood windows. Vinyl windows have insulated frames and additional foam insulation that keeps drafts from entering through the frame. New replacement windows add extra insulation and adds a barrier of extra protection between your home and the elements.


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What is Interior Window Condensation and How Can It Be Addressed?
Excess moisture in the form of water collecting in your home is concerning to you and your family’s health. Moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. As a result, many people actually have allergic reactions to the mold and mildew. While this is problematic to your health, it is especially harmful for older people, young kids and people who have existing health conditions such as asthma.

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