Window Replacement in milwaukee, wi

Our team of professionals completed a window replacement in Milwaukee, WI. These homeowners had an old window that urgently needed to be replaced. The old window was original to the home and from 1903.

Since the window was over 100 years old, it came with many issues. The single pane window was rotting and drafty. Drafty windows cause condensation and eventually lead to mold. As moisture enters your home, wood can easily rot and warp. All of these issues compromise the energy efficiency of your home. A drafty window lets in outside air, making it feel colder near the window. This loss of heat and cold air getting in through the draft can make a huge impact on your heating bill.

As Southeastern Wisconsin’s Window Remodeler, our team replaced this ancient window with a new energy-efficient window. All of our windows are American made, energy efficient, customized specifically to your home, and come with a lifetime warranty. We carry a variety of styles and designs so you can find the perfect fit for your home. These windows are made to withstand the harsh Wisconsin climate. They will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

This window replacement in Milwaukee, WI was completed in just one day. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths have completed over 15,000 projects in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle your window installation project. From Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Waukesha, New Berlin, Muskego, Greendale and Franklin, we have you covered when it comes to window installations. If you are looking to get your old windows replaced, contact us today for a hassle free, no obligation quote from our window installation experts! Prices are good for a full year. What are you waiting for?

window replacement
window replacement
window replacement


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