Wood Window Replacement in Franklin, WI

Wood Window Replacement in Franklin

Tight Seal Exteriors recently completed a window replacement in Franklin, WI, for homeowners Tracy and Rob. We replaced the wood windows from this house that was built in 1991.

The wood rot was so extensive the only option to save the surrounding walls was to do a full replacement instead of the pocket installation. The difference between the two is that with a pocket install, you keep the original frame and insert the new replacement windows. It is faster and easier, making it typically what you will find from the majority of window replacement companies. It takes very skilled craftsman to remove the old frames without damaging the surrounding wood siding.

Once the window is cut out with precision, it is then counter flashed to insure a weather tight seal. Then the window is installed, insulated, and given an extra TightSeal on the exterior.

The final touch is the installation of the handmade woodwork that is made in our woodworking shop in New Berlin. This benefits our customers in many ways:

1. We make it in a factory like environment so the mess is there and not in your home.

2. By doing the cutting and fitting in our woodwork shop, we save wear and tear on your home by not having to make as many trips in and out cutting and fitting.

Then we use a high build catalyzed lacquer that is resistant to water. So there will be no issues behind your sink or bathroom with discoloration as the woodwork ages gracefully with the home.

The Franklin homeowners were very well pleased with their wood window replacement!

“Everything went smooth from the beginning to the end. The installers were very accommodating and helpful. They protected everything with tarps and drop cloths and cleaned up like they weren’t there. I will be recommending TightSeal to family and friends in the future.”
– Tracy O. – Homeowner

Photos of Wood Window Replacement in Franklin, WI

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