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TightSeal Exteriors & Baths is your Waukesha home remodeling contractor. We are a top-rated, local contractor with decades of experience. We know the unique needs of your Waukesha home.

We Know Waukesha homes

Our team regularly remodels older, traditional Waukesha homes. From prefabricated and ranch styles to Cape Cod and “Wrightian” style homes, our goal is to enhance while preserving the uniqueness and architectural beauty. We are familiar with the build of these unique Waukesha homes along with the common remodeling requests associated with these homes. 

Older homes

A common issue with Waukesha and Waukesha-county homes are the result of subpar or poor DIY remodeling work done by past homeowners. This can be poorly sealed or installed windows, or a tub that isn't solid on the bottom, leaks and makes strange noises. 

Original to the home

Commonly we see fixtures and products that are original to the home. Often this is seen in the bathroom. Many Waukesha-area homes have the tub original to the home. Swapping out old bath systems or windows are not only attractive but also have a great ENERGY STAR rating.

Creating more space

Another common concern of our Waukesha customers is creating more space in the home. Often homeowners are frustrated with the layout or space of their home. Often times this is seen in the bathroom with a large tub that takes up a lot of room, or small windows that let in little light. 

Remodeling Services

We are familiar with the popular remodeling services frequently requested by Waukesha homeowners.


The most common remodeling services often seen inside Waukesha homes include the following:

Common Issues


Very commonly we see homes in Waukesha with old, rotting or hard-to-open windows. These windows are poorly insulated and not energy-efficient.



We see many outdated 70's style baths. Homeowners dislike like earthy green, yellow and orange colors. Often there is mold and mildew in the tile as well.



Often times we are called out to see missing shingles as well as shingles falling off the roof. When this happens it's time to replace your roof.


Waukesha window replacements

According to the Department of Energy, windows account for up to 25% of U.S. energy bills. Living in our harsh Wisconsin climate, these costs can sky rocket quickly. That’s why our windows are designed specifically to fit the needs of your home. 


Proudly made in America. Premium windows built to last.


Rigid trucks specifically engeneered for use in high production.

Lifetime Warranty

Rest easy knowing your windows have a lifetime warranty.


Protected and safa cabin. No worries also on full load and great stress.

Made to withstand the harsh Wisconsin climate

Our windows are designed specifically to withstand the harsh Wisconsin climate. Our double and triple-paned windows will keep your home warm in winter and cool the summer. Our ENERGY STAR® qualified windows with Low-E glass and argon gas offer superior performance for our Wisconsin climate.

Waukesha Bath Replacements

Update your bathroom with popular colors, styles and textures. We regularly remodel small bathroom spaces in Waukesha homes to create a more open, modern and inviting bathroom. Say goodbye to moldy, mildew tile.

Lifetime Warranty


Superior Performance


Replace your old, outdated tub with a new tub. Our tubs are mold and mildew resistant with a lifetime warranty.

Replace your old shower with a modern shower. We carry of a variety of popular styles, colors and textures. 

A common service requested by Waukesha homeowners is removing the tub installing a shower. This can give the feeling of a bigger, more open bathroom.

Help soothe aching muscles, joints and more with a spa-like therapy tub right in the comfort of your own home


Feel secure and comfortable in your home with ADA safe bath solutions. Add custom grab bars and seating for extra comfort and safety. 

custom bath solutions for your home

Whether you are looking for subtle changes or a complete overhaul, we have the experience to tackle your project. We’ve worked with countless Waukesha homeowners on creating a custom bath solution.

waukesha Roofing Replacements

Get a beautiful, new roof that is American-made and built to last. Our roofs are made using upcycled materials and innovative technology.


The innovative technology in our shingles are made to be resistant to algae. No more unsightly black streaks.

impact resistant

Select shingle options have the highest impact rating possible, great for severe weather.


Our premium shingles proudly manufactured right here in the United States.  

Superior Performance for the Wisconsin Climate

Innovative technology allows the shingles to bend without cracking, a must in our cold winters. This also protects against the UV rays from aging your roof.  A double rain seal also reinforces against leaks.

Completed Projects


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