Roofing Replacements

American-made and designed to withstand the Wisconsin climate. Designed to handle rain, UV rays and other types of weather. Get a roof replacement with our innovative and durable shingles.  

Made in America

We proudly carry shingles made in the USA. Our roofing contractors use premium shingles built to last.

Resistant to Impact

Roof replacement options with the highest impact rating possible, so you can feel safe in severe weather.

resistant to algae

Our roof replacements offer innovative technology that makes your shingles algae resistant. No more unattractive black streaks.

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Superior Performance
for Wisconsin weather

Our innovative roof replacements offer shingles that are designed to bend without cracking in cold weather, excellent for harsh Wisconsin winters. Roof replacements are also designed to protect from aging UV rays.  Our double rain seal technology further protects against wind driven rain – guarding your roof against leaks.

Double Rain Seal technology

Rest assured knowing your roof replacement is protected from leaks with our double rain seal technology. Prevent wind driven rain from damaging your roof.

Protects against UV Rays

Your shingles are manufactured with an innovative technology that protects against UV rays.  This keeps your roof from appearing old and aged. 

Withstands Harsh Cold Weather

With the harsh, cold weather in Wisconsin, it’s critical your shingles are able to bend. This prevents your shingles from cracking. Our roof replacements are made to withstand the cold weather.

Algae Resistant Shingle Technology

Your shingles are made to resist algae growth. Say goodbye to unsightly black streaks with your algae resistant shingles. 

Completed Projects

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Since 1991 we’ve been helping people like with your roof replacements, roof installation and more. Our roofing contractors have the experience to get your roof done, and get it done right.




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