Bay Vs. Bow Windows

Window Replacements By TightSeal Exteriors & Baths In Muskego

Discovering The Difference Between Bay And
Bow Window Replacements In Muskego

Choose The Best Type Of Window
For Your Unique Home

A big part of your window replacement project in Muskego is choosing the type of windows you want installed in your unique home.

TightSeal Exteriors offers a vast selection of window styles to our homeowners. From double-hung, awning, casement, and more – we do it all. But two of the most sought-after styles among homeowners are the bay and bow windows.

Both of these selections offer undeniable beauty and unmitigated benefits. But, many find themselves wondering, what exactly is the difference? While both options are great for any homeowner, there are some differences between the two that everyone should be aware of.

To help you make the best decision for your personal style and individual needs, TightSeal Exteriors has created this helpful guide.

What To Expect From Bay Window Replacements

A bay window has three sections of windows that bow outward from your home’s exterior. The three window styles that make up a bow window are often different sizes – with the middle being the largest and the surrounding two windows being smaller in width.

The structure of a bay window is angled and offers additional space inside your home.

What To Expect From Bow Window Replacements

Bow windows are larger than bay windows. They usually consist of four or five windows that are the same size. These windows are less angled than bay windows and don’t protrude from your home’s exterior as significantly.

Now that we understand the physical difference between these two types of windows let’s talk more about what they can offer your home.

Make Room In Your Home With A
Home Window Replacement

One of the reasons that both bay and bow windows are so popular among homeowners is their ability to provide more space on your home’s interior. No other window options have that ability.

While both bay and bow windows can emphasize the indoor space, bay windows are usually the best option for homeowners trying to maximize their interior space and design a spot for a window seat, storage, and other unique design elements.

Bay windows are often accompanied by gorgeous window benches that create the perfect spot for a reading nook or breakfast space.

Allow More Natural Light In With
These Types Of Windows

When homeowners in Waukesha County are searching for window replacements, one of the many things on their minds is often natural light. We all enjoy having windows in our homes that let the natural light shine through and give us a gorgeous view of our surroundings.

Generally speaking, both bay and bow windows are an excellent selection if you are looking for something that offers abundant natural light. But, if you’re looking for the window that offers the most natural light in your home, bow windows may be the way to go.

They are bigger and often wider, so they will let in more light during the day. If light is your biggest concern, bow windows might be your best option.

The Cost Of Your Window Replacements In Muskego

When it comes to the cost, both bow and bay windows share a similar price tag. While both options aren’t the cheapest choice for your home, their undeniable durability and beauty make up the difference.

You can count on bay and bow windows to last for decades, and with our energy-efficient options, you can make your home more comfortable and save on your electric bill.

Our professionals can complete your home window installation in as little as one day. We ensure a perfect fit every time and are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Are you ready for the best window replacements in Muskego? Then, reach out to TightSeal Exteriors & Baths to set up a consultation today.