Milwaukee Bathroom Remodeling

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We Install 100% Acrylic Bathtubs

Sanitary and Beautiful

We use the best of the best for new bathtub installs: acrylic. These bathtubs are much thicker than what our competition uses, and that means that your bathtub will stand up to wear.

Simply put, you’ll be amazed at the difference these premium bathtubs make.

The 100% acrylic composition means there are no pores that will trap skin, hair or dirt. One simple wipe with a soft cloth and your bathtub will look like it did the first day you got it!

The manufacturing process ensures a thick, even forming process to fit perfectly and provide the stability you need. We then use a lightweight foam on the back of the bathtub and a high strength support material that is used in commercial spas and hot tubs. This means that your bathtub will look beautiful and will never crack, sag or bow.